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Personal wedges latest creation by Vokey

by TG_Admin01

By Stuart Hall

In a gentlemanly gesture, your buddy picks up the wedge you left on the green’s fringe. As he is about to hand it over, he notices something unique about the 56-degree Vokey wedge.


This is not just any Vokey wedge, but a customized and personalized Vokey wedge.

Titleist recently introduced a new WedgeWorks Exclusives line. Noted club designer Bob Vokey and his design team will build a one-of-a-kind wedge to a golfer’s exact specifications.

“WedgeWorks is a life-long dream come true,” Vokey said. “Wedges are personal. The Exclusives line allows avid Vokey enthusiasts an opportunity to make the wedges their own.”

Choosing from the available options is unlike deciding what size and brand flat screen to buy.

Currently the wedges are made with pre-2010 spin milled grooves, though USGA conforming groove wedges will be available in September. There are also five lofts (52 to 60 degrees), two new finishes (Bright Brushed Chrome and Oil Can Zero) and either True Temper or KBS Tour shafts from which to choose.

The choices for personalization are even better – three different hand-stamp styles (straight, freestyle, snow) in up to eight letters and numbers; 20 different paint-fill colors; and 40 different toe engraving combinations.

Given that the wedges are designed to individual specs, the cost is reasonable. Before personalization, the retail price is $150.

A PUTTING KURE: The newest putting training aid is Solid Golf’s The Kure, which is a bold product name should a golfer’s green game not improve.

The putting aid is a lightweight portable training device that places an emphasis on aim, alignment, a square putter face at impact and rhythm.

Transmitter and receiver modules are placed on the putter and a four-legged tarantula-looking base, respectively, about 6 to 8 feet away. An on-line swing will connect a beam between the two modules and produce instant visual feedback. The beam’s width is controlled by an aperture, and allows players to choose a level of difficulty.

Giving some credence to the aid is an endorsement by Nick Faldo. The Kure retails for $199.


Srixon Sports has partnered with the United Service Organization (USO) on a unique promotion that benefits America’s service troops. For the next 18 months, Srixon will donate to the USO 5 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of its camouflaged packaged golf products or those featuring the USO logo. … DnA Golf, one of many niche manufacturers, has introduced the Alpha 610 driver, which features a detachable face. Behind the face is an elastomeric insert that can regulate the driver’s optimal distance and desired acoustic levels. The drivers, which conform to the Rules of Golf, can be ordered at DnAGolf.com. … True Temper’s Dynamic Gold line now features the DG Spinner shaft that is designed to lower ball launch and increase ball spin during full- and low-impact swing conditions, The wedge is available in two flexes – wedge for sand and lob wedges, and wedge-plus for gap and pitching wedges. … The introduction of new women’s clubs is, unfortunately, rare. So kudos to Fourteen Golf for creating its TC-450FG set of forged irons that cater to mid-handicap women golfers. The set’s emphasis is on producing higher ball trajectory with a complementing spin rate through the lowest possible conforming center of gravity; promoting shots from any lie with a slightly rounded sole; and being slightly offset for forgiveness. … Data Design Interactive has rolled out the perfect solution for those golfers who loathe practicing and love playing video games. “My Personal Golf Trainer” is now available for Nintendo Wii. The game features swing analysis and personalized lessons from noted instructor David Leadbetter and gives personalized feedback. The game is available at a variety of golf shops and sporting goods retailers.

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